20th centuryEdit


July 1, 1991Edit

  • Harry receives his letter of admittance to Hogwarts (Chapter 1)
  • Professor McGonagall arrives at the Verres home and demonstrates magic to Harry and his father (Chapter 2)

August 29, 1991Edit

  • Harry and McGonagall visit Diagon Alley, stopping first at the Leaky Cauldron (Chapter 3)
  • Harry and McGonagall visit Gringotts where Harry visits his vault for the first time (Chapter 4)
  • They visit the Moke Shop where Harry buys a mokeskin pouch, then Harry goes to Madam Malkin's to be fitted for robes and meets Draco Malfoy and his father, Lucius (Chapter 5)
  • Harry tries out his mokeskin pouch, with confusing results, then buys his potion ingredients and cauldron, and some other things, making McGonagall suspicious, and he explains the planning fallacy to her. Later, he learns by accident that Voldemort is still alive and he is expected to kill him. He then buys a trunk using money he stole from his vault at Gringotts (Chapter 6)

September 1, 1991Edit

  • Harry's parents see him off to Hogwarts, and Mrs. Weasley helps him cross the barrier to Platform 9 and 3/4; Harry meets Ron Weasley, but the two do not hit it off well, and when Draco Malfoy arrives and taunts Ron, he storms off, unwilling to associate with anyone who would associate with Malfoy; Harry buys Comed-Tea and he and Draco observe its strange influence on reality around them; Draco explains blood purity to Harry and Harry shows Draco how advanced Muggle science is (advanced enough to go to the Moon).(Chapter 7 )