Stone and Pieces

The Philosopher's Stone next to two muggle chess pieces

The Philosopher's Stone is a powerful magical artifact that can render permanent a temporary property (such as the transfigured (canon) form) of an object.

The Philosopher's Stone is known from the general public only through legends. The Stone is said to change all metals to gold, and to be needed to brew the "Elixir of Life" which makes its drinker immortal. Producing gold and healing and rejuvenation can in fact be achieved temporarily with transfiguration, and permanently using the Stone.


The Stone's origin is unknown.

According to Tom Riddle, the Stone was secretely owned by Baba Yaga in the 14th century. She used it to extend her life until Perenelle Flamel killed her in order to get the Stone.

Perenelle then publicly claimed (under her fake identity Nicolas Flamel) to have made the Stone herself. She used it for her benefit and that of a few other wizards in exchange for services, while never revealing the true properties of the Stone.

In 1991, Perenelle left the Stone to Albus Dumbledore for safekeeping in Hogwarts. In June 1992, Tom Riddle stole the Stone shortly before he was defeated by Harry Potter who took possession of it.

Harry then planned to open an hospital where he would use the Stone to give health and long life to as many people as possible.


The Stone can make one transfiguration permanent every three minutes and fifty-four seconds.

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