Petunia Evans-Verres is Harry Potter's aunt and adoptive mother. She is married to Michael Verres-Evans, a professor of biochemistry at Oxford University.

Biographical InformationEdit

Petunia and her sister Lily were raised by their parents. Petunia was older than Lily, and plainer, and she was jealous of Lily's good looks. She told Michael that she was mean to Lily because of this, and then the letter from Hogwarts came and Lily was sent there for a magical education, while Petunia, plain and uninteresting, attended college to become an office assistant.

Petunia began pestering Lily to use magic on her, to make her more attractive. She continued this for several years, but Lily told her it was dangerous and made up what Petunia considered were ridiculous excuses such as (Petunia said), the world would end if Lily was nice to her sister, or a centaur told her not to, and Petunia began to hate her for not making her more beautiful.

In college she met Vernon Dursley, a man she described as "fat" but also as the only boy who would talk to her. Vernon told her that he wanted children some day, and that he would name his first son Dudley. To Petunia, marrying Vernon and having a son named Dudley Dursley seemed an unbearable future, and she wrote her sister and told her that if Lily didn't help her she would kill herself.

After this, Lily presented Petunia with a potion that would clear up her skin and make her more curvaceous. Lily warned her that the potion was dangerous, but Petunia didn't care. She drank the potion and spent several weeks sick in bed afterwards, but her skin cleared and she filled out, and people began being nice to her. After that, Petunia could no longer feel hatred or anger toward her sister.

Character and PersonalityEdit

Petunia is devoted and loving to her husband, though she feels she can never win an argument against him because of his education. When they argue she tends to retreat to the kitchen, to prove her love by fixing him his favorite meals.

She loves Harry very much, though both she and Michael tend to dismiss much of what he says because of his youth. When Harry leaves for Hogwarts she has some separation anxiety and wonders if she should accompany him to Hogwarts. Harry guesses that she is afraid that Harry will become like Lily, that he will refuse to do magic for her unless she threatens to do something drastic, and he tells her he will do any magic she asks him to, or not do magic around her, if that's her wish. He doesn't want magic to come between them.