Peter Pettigrew is a British wizard who is friends with James and Lily Potter, Remus Lupin (canon), and Sirius Black (canon). He is a metamorphmagus (canon).

The friends study at Hogwarts. When they're young, Pettigrew and Sirius Black are lovers for a time.[1]

During the Wizarding War, Pettigrew works for the Order of the Phoenix (canon). In 1981, after Black betrays the Potters and Voldemort kills them, Black confunds (canon) Pettigrew into taking his appearance and pretending to be him.[2] Pettigrew (as Black) is sent to Azkaban without a trial.

When the confundus wears off Pettigrew screams his innocence but no one takes prisoner protests seriously. In 1992 Pettigrew can still be heard endlessly muttering “I’m not Sirius, I’m not Sirius, I’m not Sirius…” in his cell.[3]

Pettigrew stays in Azkaban until June 1992 when Harry Potter unknowingly kills Black among other Death Eaters and later understands what happened.


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