The Sorting Hat, a being known to possess Mimetic Intelligence.

Mimetic Intelligence is a way of granting a certain level of artifical intelligence to artificially-created magical beings.


Mimetic Intelligence works by granting the created object an intelligence and thought patterns based on those the nearest human being expects the object to possess. It can grant the object sentience if the Expecter expects the object to be sentient, but sentience will cease as soon as the Expecter withdraws from the object's vicinity. Objects granted sentience by their Expecter will receive a mind very close to that of the Expecter's, because of the thought pattern systems. This can have unexpected circumstances, such as the object beginning to use modern-day slang and/or make jokes if the Expecter is playful.

In the case of several Expecters beign present at the same time, the resulting intelligence will mostly show the tendancies that the maniest people expected.

Creatures known to possess Mimetic IntelligenceEdit


  • The way to create Mimetic Intelligence is most probably lost to the Interdict of Merlin, as no one (except Harry, who figured it out instead of learning it) seems to be aware that Dementors and the Sorting Hat are not truly sentient but only reacting to expectations.