Michael Verres-Evans is Harry's adoptive father and is married to his aunt, Petunia Evans-Verres. He is a professor of biochemistry at Oxford UniversityW.

Biographical informationEdit

Michael and Petunia were married after James and Lily Potter--he remarked that the Potters had attended their wedding. He was unaware that they were wizards until the day the letter notifyng Harry he could attend Hogwarts arrived at their home.

As a professor of biochemistry and a rationalist, Michael did not initially believe magic was real. He consider it fakery, on a par with spoon-bending, which he had taught to Harry at one point. Only when Professor McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts, arrived at their home and levitated Michael to demonstrate magic did he accept that it was real. Even then, he had difficulty with the idea, though he was supportive of Harry attending school.

Character and personalityEdit

Michael Verres-Evans is very caring toward his wife and adopted son, but he is also skeptical about ideas that seem outside the realm of science or rationality. He flatly did not believe in magic, even after his wife told him it existed, until he saw it for himself when Professor McGonagall levitated him in the air. He tended to be dismissive of Harry's ideas and views on things before Harry began attending Hogwarts. Even after this, accepting the ideas of a magical society and magic itself is difficult for him.