Fic Incantation Name Short description
Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting Draw moisture from living beings within range
accio (canon) Summoning Charm
Digits aggragify Bewitching spell
aguamenti (canon) Water-Making Spell Conjures clean, drinkable water from the end of the wand
Air-Freshening Charm (or Fresh-Air Charm[1])
alienis nervus mobile lignum Body-control spell
Digits alogofoti Teleportation via horse or chariot of fire
alohomora (canon) Unlocking Charm
Digits amandher penkue Babylonian Garden ritual Instantly make 2 clones of oneself while sacrificing one of one's eyes
Digits anapneo (canon) Clear someone's airway
Anti-Anti-Gravity Jinx Part of Azkaban's wards. Disables all flying spells whose enchantment have not been cast with a specific passphrase.
Digits Anti-Disillusionment Charm
Digits aparecium (canon) Revealing Charm Reveal hidden markings
Digits aplaniodin Two dozen yellow light beams that hit like bludgers (canon)
Digits aqua eructo (canon)
Digits arresto momentum (canon) Slowing Charm
avada kedavra (canon) Killing Curse
Digits Azarian Fire Ward of blue or purplish fire
az-reth Fiendfyre Corporeal cursed fire with high destructive power
Digits Bartolomeo’s Reckoning Shield of red mist
Digits Bertram’s Bolt Bolt of dull yellow light
Digits Bloodfoot Curse "Big red curse", "sickening purplish glow"
Blood Fort sacrifice
Bludgeoning Hex
Boundary Charm Enclosing spell
Digits brackium emendo (canon) Mend broken bones
Digits Braking Charm (canon) Standard broomstick charm
Digits bullesco (canon) Bubblehead Charm
Digits Butter-ball Charm (or Butterball Charm) Turn a solid liquid[2]
Digits cataplasma Healing spell
Digits cave inimicum (canon) Shield that hides the caster
Digits Charm of Perfect Function Make a non-magic machine or device work as intended without fail for the duration of the spell
cluthe Hex that gives acute cramps
colloportus (canon) Locking Spell
Digits colloshoo (canon) Stickfast Hex
Continual Light enchantment (or Perpetual Light Charm) Make an object continually emit light
Digits confringo (canon) Blasting Curse
confundo (canon) Confundus Causes confusion in the target
contego Simple Shield
crucio (canon) Cruciatus Torture curse
Digits Cutting Curse (canon)
deligitor prodeas Summon Hogwarts' Sorting Hat
densaugeo (canon) Hex. Enlarges teeth.
Digits depulso (canon) Banishing Charm
Digits deprimo (canon)
diffindo (canon) Severing Charm
Digits drysdory Dark wooden pole/spear repeatedly erupting from the caster's wand
dulak Turn off a light (e.g. a Continual Light enchantment)
Digits egeustimentis Lethe Touch Mind-reading and mind-control spell
elmekia Blue hex
Enchantment of the Endless Stair Maybe the enchantment used as the entrance to Hogwarts's headmaster office, although its invention is credited to Arram Sabeti in 1733
episkey (canon) Healing spell
eunoe Restore a memory that has been locked away
everto Disposal Charm
expecto patronum Patronus (incl. True Patronus) Protection against dementors (most notably)
expelliarmus (canon) Disarming Charm
Digits evanesco (canon) Vanishing Spell
False-Memory Charm (canon) Memory charm that plants a memory in the target's mind
finite incantatem (canon) General Counter-Spell
Flame-Freezing Charm (canon)
flipendo (canon) Knockback Jinx
frigideiro Chilling Charm[3]
fuego Likely produces acid or fire[4]
Digits Gathering Charm
Digits geminio (canon) Doubling Charm and Gemino Curse Duplicate an object (Doubling Charm) or make it replicate exponentially (the number of new copies created at step n is the nth Fibonacci numberW) and indefinitely (Gemino Curse)
Digits glacius (canon) Freezing Spell
glisseo (canon) Makes a surface slippery
gom jabbar Slow-torture hex
Digits Gutclench Curse causes pain in the guts[5]
Digits Hippo’s Fire Undescribed dark curse
homenum revelio (canon) Reveals human presence
Digits Hontheim Curse Undescribed dark curse
hyakuju montauk Undescribed curse so horrible that it is known to threaten the caster's sanity.[6]
Digits immobulus (canon) Freezing Charm
impedimenta (canon) Impediment Jinx Slows the target
imperio (canon) Imperius
Digits incarcerous (canon) Incarcerating Curse
incendio (canon) Fire-Making Spell
inferius (canon) Inferius "Zombie"-making
Digits inflagrate Undescribed weak curse or hex used against muggles during the Battle of Hogwarts
inflammare Set fire to sth.
innervate (canon) Reviving Spell[7]
Digits Inspection Charm Shows the insides of an object or living being.
jellyfy Invisible wide-beam jinx that makes the target's legs weak. Canon counterpart: locomotor wibbly.
lagann Breaking Drill Hex
legilimens (canon) Legilimency (canon) i.e. mind reading
Digits Lesser Action of Shahryar’s Delay
luminos Hex. Red bolt of light.
lumos (canon) Wand-Lighting Charm
ma-ha-su Sumerian Simple Strike Hex
Digits muffliato (canon)
nullus confundio Counter-spell for the Confundus
Digits Obliteration Charm (canon)
obliviate (canon) Obliviation, Memory Charm Make the target forget a memory
oogely boogely Produce a small green-glowing bat
Digits orbis (canon) Orbis Jinx
Digits peskipiksi rendehoushan creates a hot, translucent, orange liquid screen that supposedly hurts you if you move[8]
Digits phlogisticate (canon) Extinguishing Charm
polyfluis reverso Reverse the effects of Polyjuice
prior incantato (canon) Show the last spell cast by a wand
prismatis Shield
Digits Protean Charm (canon)
protego (canon) Shield Charm
protego maximus (canon)
Digits protego totalum (canon)
quiescus Prevent the target from sneezing
quietus (canon) Quietening Charm
Digits Ritual of Home undescribed ritual[9]
reducto (canon) Reductor Curse Destroy solid objects
Retrieval Charm
Digits revelio (canon) Revelation Charm
Road-Running Charm
Digits Roger’s Shield Multicolored disc of light
Digits Rotlung causes severe coughing[10]
Digits Rune of Abatement Can be used to deflect a hex such as a Stunner
GWSI sapespeck Sapespeck Charm Create a parseltongue-talking "node" that activates on a specified condition
scourgify (canon) Scouring Charm Cleaning spell
silencio (canon) Silencing Charm
Digits Simpleshape Charm Shape some material into a specific shape, e.g., a piece of metal into a knife
Digits Slow Blade of Unusually Specific Destruction
somnium Sleep Hex
sonorus (canon) Amplifying Charm
Sparkling Jinx Make the target sparkly
Digits spongify (canon) Softening Charm
steleus (canon) Wide-angle sneezing hex
stupefy (canon) Stunning Hex,[11] Stunner
stuporfy Swerving Stunner
Digits Substantiation Charm
Digits tarantallegra (canon) Dancing Feet Spell
thermos Warm up sth.
Digits Thoughtsay Ritual Make a disembodied mind able to produce speech
tonare, ravum calvaria, lucis gladius Most Ancient Blade
Digits Umbrella Barrier Bauble Charm
Digits Unbreakable Charm (canon)
Undetectable Extension Charm (canon)
ventriliquo Ventriloquism Charm
ventus (canon) Ventus Jinx Shoots a jet of wind
Digits verdimillious (canon) Verdimillious Charm Emit green sparks from the wand
veritas oculum Can be used to check e.g. if an animal is an animagus in their animal form
vitalis revelio Show if a body is alive by surrounding it by a red glow
Digits waddiwassi (canon) Projectile Jinx Send the target up in the air. Similar to depulso.
wingardium leviosa (canon) Hover Charm[12]

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