Lavender Brown is a British pure-blood witch, a Gryffindor student on Harry's course, a minor character in the novel "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality".


First year

Lavender first appears at the first battle of Professor Quirrell's armies as a soldier of the Chaos Legion. Lavender leaves the game almost in the middle of the battle. Then she appears in a Patronus Spell lesson, where she sees what happened to Harry after meeting with a dementor. Lavender, along with Hermione, Hannah Abbott, Padma and Parvati Patil, Tracey Davis, Daphne Greengrass, Susan Bones and several other students and professors, appears at a rally near Dumbledore's office, where Hermione proclaims the Society for Promoting Heroic Equality for Witches. In the first battle with a seventh-year Slytherin, Lavender is the first to rush into the attack and gets several injuries. Soon, Lavender leaves the Chaos Legion and joins the Sunshine Regiment to be together with her friends. Lavender also participates in a battle with three bullies from Slytherin, but this time the girls manage to win thanks to Nymphadora Tonks. After that, she becomes a witness to a performance staged by Harry Potter to stop the persecution of the girls. Lavender also participates in the last battle between the armies, and then goes home for the Easter holidays. She attends Professor Quirrell's surprise exam and passes it at least "Acceptably". Judging by her reaction, Lavender is pleased with her assessment. During the first school year, Lavender became friends with Tracey Davis. During Harry's battle with Voldemort, Lavender, most likely, like the whole of Hogwarts, was at the final Quidditch match. In the last chapter, Harry mentions that she went home on the Hogwarts Express.

Personality and traits

Lavender is bold and sometimes even reckless. She is proud and loves to attract attention. So, she transfigures her ridiculous hero outfit (bright crimson-and-gold skirt and blouse) into a school uniform, and then offers to ride around the school on skateboards. Lavender loves gossip and rumors.

Magical abilities and skills

Lavender's participation in the battles of Professor Quirrell and S. P. H. E. W. developed her fighting skills, so she good in Defence Against the Dark Arts:


  • Part of the thoughts that Harry used to cast the Patronus Spell had to do with Lavender.
  • In chapter 71, Lavender says that she likes five boys
  • Lavender mentions her mother in chapter 73
  • Lavender had a cousin, John (mentioned by Dumbledore in chapter 85). It is known that he was the second disciple to whom the phoenix flew. Most likely, he died, since Dumbledore says that he did not return and did not save any of those whom he was going to save.
  • Lavander's hero outfit is the costume of the Soldier of Gryffindor from the play Chronicles of the Lunarian Soldiers."