This wiki covers not only HPMOR but also a few unofficial sequels, i.e., subfanfictions of HPMOR. As of this writing they are:

Each subfic has a short name (mentionned above in parentheses) used in page names, links, and more. Pages about subfics have to follow a few rules so they can all be linked to each other.

How to link to a subfic page

One can of course make a direct link to a page with a "xyz!..." name:

[[Digits!Harry Potter]] → Digits!Harry Potter

However, it is usually more convenient to use the specific template to silently link to the subfic page:

{{Digits|Harry Potter}} → Harry Potter

This is most useful when linking to a page about the same subfic as the current page. However, sometimes there is no page for the concept you want to link to in the same subfic. In such a case you may want to create a link to any other version of the concept but to switch back to the current fic's version if it is created in the future. That's what the {{Autolink}} template is for. For instance, on a Digits! page:

{{Autolink|Harry Potter}} → Harry Potter (Digits!Harry Potter exists)
{{Autolink|Mary's Place}} → Mary's Place (Digits!Mary's Place doesn't exist)

Then there is the case when no page for a given concept exists for any subfic on this wiki, but you know the concept exists in the canon. Then you may use {{Orcanon}} which acts like {{Autolink}} but displays a link to HP Wiki as long as there is no article for the concept on this wiki.

{{Orcanon|Triwizard Tournament}} → Triwizard Tournament (canon)

How to make a subfic page

Page name

The page name (in the URL) should start with the short name of the fic followed by an exclamation mark:

Digits!Harry Potter

Top of the page

The very top of the page should feature the {{Multific}} template. This template will show links to articles for the same concept in other fics (including HPMOR and the canon). It will also set a prettier title for display, such as "Harry Potter (Digits)".

You can add the {{Fanfiction notice}} below {{Multific}} if you expect many people to land on the article while expecting to read about the concept in the canon or in HPMOR.


The page should be categorized in the subfic's category (e.g., Category:Significant Digits) or its subcategory "Introduced in xyz" (e.g., Category:Introduced in Significant Digits) if appropriate.

The page should always have a {{DEFAULTSORT}} tag (e.g. {{DEFAULTSORT|PotterHarry}}) so as not to be sorted by the subfic's name because of the "xyz!..." page name.

Helper templates

Template On Hermione Granger On Digits!Hermione Granger
{{Basefic}} Hermione Granger Hermione Granger
{{Currentfic}} HPMOR Digits
{{Currentfic-}} Digits
{{Full fic name}} Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality Significant Digits
{{Fic website}} http://www.hpmor.com/ http://www.anarchyishyperbole.com/p/significant-digits.html