In this chapter, Harry and Draco become friends.

Title meaningEdit

The title refers to the reciprocity effect in social psychology. It is the phenomenon of humans feeling strongly obliged to reciprocate gifts and return favors. In this case it refers to Draco Malfoy's maniputation technique of offering a story about his father acting kindly, to get Harry to provide an equally personal story. This helped Draco gain information, and become closer to Harry.

Detailed chapter synopsisEdit

Harry says goodbye to his parents, not without promising his mother, that magic will not come between them, and thanking his father for the books he bought for Harry. Standing between Platform nine and ten on Kings-cross Harry and his parents are looking for Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, while Harry comments that this might be something like a test for future Hogwarts students. To escape the last conversation with his parents about what had happen the day with Professor McGonagall Harry follows a Family of redheads. They answer him how to get to the right platform (by running through the barrier between platforms nine and ten) and Harry leaves the group entering platform 9 3/4.

On the other side he gets into a conversation with Ronald Weasly, but considers him as not very intelligent. Still Harry is looking for a nice pseudonym to avoid trouble about being Harry Potter. They end up in a discussion whether Quidditch, the most famous sport in the magic world, would be a better game, if you get rid of the snitch to balance the game. They get interrupted by Draco Malfoy. Harry chooses Mr. Bronze as pseudonym, and shortly after Ron and Draco argue after what Ron leaves the group. Draco and Harry start discussing what did happen after their last meeting, ending up in a talk about Dracos Father, who seems to be a person with a lot of political influence and an evil background.


Comed-tea is introduced in this chapter. The way it works is revealed in chapter 14.

Harry first decides to overthrow the magical government when Draco tells him about the wizarding courts.

The Bayesian conspiracy starts to form.


Spoo is a food in the TV series Babylon 5.

Rationality and scienceEdit

Reciprocation pressure: experiments show that an unconditional gift of $5 was twice as effective as a conditional offer of $50 in getting people to fill out surveys

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