Detailed chapter synopsisEdit

Harry starts an experiment in which Hermione should cast spells, that were described by him slightly incorrect or with some information missing to find out what information about a spell is needed to cast the spell successfully. It turns out that against his prediction the way the spell is cast, the pronunciation and the information what the spell is going to do is needed, leaving him puzzled. They agree to research further when Harry comes up with new experiments.

Later Malfoy insults Harry because he ordered a bag for Hermione and that kind of act to a mud blood could harm Malfoy's reputation. Harry argues that unimportant Slytherins would not bother him. Still, come down after some time and Malfoy points out, that the Daily Prophet (canon), precisely Rita Skeeter, will sooner or later come up with an article about Harry. Harry declines the offer that Malfoy's father catch the article.

Harry and Malfoy start designing experiments to research the questions, why magic overall has become weaker.

  1. Magic itself is fading.
  2. Wizards are interbreeding with Muggles and Squibs.
  3. Knowledge to cast powerful spells is being lost.
  4. Wizards are eating the wrong foods as children, or something else besides blood is making them grow up weaker.
  5. Muggle technology is interfering with magic
  6. Stronger wizards are having fewer children

They decide to research the followed questions to find correlations that support or contradict the hypothesis.

A.  Are there spells we know but can’t cast (1 or 2) or are the lost spells no longer known (3)?

B.   Did ancient first-year students cast the same sort of spells, with the same power, as now? (Weak evidence for 1 over 2, but blood could also be losing powerful wizardry only.)

C.  Additional test that distinguishes 1 and 2 using scientific knowledge of blood, will explain later.

They ask portraits and persons about old spells and wizard families


The Tragedy of Light is a reference to Death Note.